Monday, July 20, 2009

I thought this was a great photo that Beto took in the countryside!
Well, some small changes. The cardiologist appointment was moved to Wednesday, because the machine they needed to use is not available in San Miguel, so they will have to go to Qeretaro for the heart test. The hematologist can not begin chemotherapy without this heart test, to ensure the heart is strong enough to start on Saturday, so that appointment was moved to Friday. Someone came to the house and collected blood to get that started for the Friday appointment, so we should be back on track after Friday. The hematologist said that once the heart test clears him, he will begin chemo Saturday morning! I am very excited for this and just hope that Beto takes the treatment well and his body is accepting. I feel like we have all come such a long way from last week, wow! It is exhausting to think about it and I am sure you all feel the same way :) We have all been going through this together and I thank you for being there for Beto, My mom and even me in many ways. I love getting email from all of you! This is where we stand as of now. I will fill you all in if anything changes, but let's pray for Saturday! 

Much Love,


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