Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beto's Health

Hello Everyone,
It has been a year since your extraordinary efforts to help Betto with his fight against cancer. He has now gotten to the other side of his fight and we want to let all that so generously helped us know he is doing well and is back on his bike.

Betto completed six Chemotherapy treatments and received radiation daily for six weeks. Without all your help this would not have been possible.

When Betto was in the middle of this debilitating situation his friends kept his spirits high by discussing and visualizing him biking the Volcanoes in Toluca, Mexico. This dream has come true.

In Mid October, Betto and friends went to Toluca, Mexico and biked the magnificent volcanoes at 14,000 feet elevation.

This holiday season we celebrate the wonderful gift of life! We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday!

Love and blessings,

Anita and Betto

Monday, March 1, 2010

Long Overdue

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry I have not been able to keep you informed about Betto’s progress. I had a premature baby boy on October 14 th., and life has been very hectic. I am happy to say that Betto has finished his chemotherapy and has been feeling well enough to bike again! What a blessing! His life has returned to a form of normal for now. Unfortunately, he will have to begin radiation this Thursday in Leon. He will be going everyday for the month of March. He has gone through many tests to see exactly where the radiologist will treat him. He will need the radiation all the way
up his spine and into his neck. Lymphoma can work its way in to the brain and because of where it was found in Betto’s back, they will start a aggressive treatment. March will be a difficult month, but we look forward to this being the final treatment. After this he will be tested every six months to make sure there are no other lymphoma cells missed.

We appreciate all your positive thoughts and prayers!

Much Love,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Holidays! I wanted to let everyone know that this Friday, December 4th, Betto will be in Leon for what (we hope) will be his final chemotherapy . He is in good spirits and is looking forward to this part of his recovery being over. After this, he will undergo a biopsy in the second lumbar where the original Lymphoma was found. That will be an over night stay in the hospital. He will then begin his radiation therapy which he has been told will begin in the second lumbar and go up the spinal cord into the neck. Lymphoma has the ability to travel to the brain when found in the spine. They will be trying to get every cell of it before the end of treatment. Betto knows he still has more steps to go, but is with a warm heart and positive spirit. He has been released from the spinal surgeon and is ready for the spine and back rehabilitation. Betto's nephew Daniel will be helping in the bicycle shop during the holidays with possible tours and his sister Victoria will continue to keep the shop open while Betto recovers from the chemotherapy and radiation. With GOD'S help he will be back on his bike in March! Thanks to all of you this can be a reality!!

Much Love,


Monday, October 26, 2009

I had some computer access today at the hospital so I wanted to send an update! Beto had his chemo treatment last week, had a rough couple of days after, but was able to travel to Dallas with his sister and brother in law for a visit. He and my mother are driving back to SMA today. The doctor's are recommending a treatment plan of 3 more chemo treatments followed by some radiation. This is what they are hoping can take care of the cancer and put Beto in remission. Please pray that this course of action can take care of the cancer and put Beto back on his bike where he belongs :)

Thank you all for your continued support and donations. They are much needed to finish this treatment process and get Beto in good health. Your letters and emails have helped his moral tremendously and given him a pep in his step :)

As things get calmer here, I will try to be better at the updates.

Much Love,


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi there! I am so sorry for the delay in information! Things have been a bit crazy as I have been in the hospital, but I am happy to announce that Beto is a grandfather! Ty and I had our son 3 days ago. He came 2 months early and is still in the ICU, but doing great!

Beto had his 4th chemo treatment yesterday and is feeling pretty bad today. The doctor thinks that 3 more treatments are necessary with a follow-up of radiation to ensure it does not spread up the spine. He is hanging in there and continues to take it one day at a time. Thank you for the continued support as I know this is a long road. I hope to speak with Beto tonight so more to come...

Much Love,


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday Night!

Wow! Thank you all for an amazing event. You all helped raise $13,803.59 for Beto's treatment. That is amazing! I am sad I was unable to attend the event, but I heard that it was a beautiful night for a beautiful life. It was touching for Beto to be able to see everyone and feel the love and support behind him. Thank you for all your hard work, donations, and purchases. You are all amazing. I will post pictures from the event as I get them.

Much Love,


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Morning,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Beto had his third, (thank you, thank you!!!!), chemotherapy treatment on Friday and is home and resting well. It seems that each treatment effects his body differently which I have found really interesting. This particular treatment has effected his mind more than anything making his memory bad and spotty. 

The fundraiser is Thursday so we are excited about that! It should be wonderful. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on the fundraiser and donated their time, art, and services. 

Please continue to pray for Beto and his journey with this horrible disease. After the next treatment (treatment #4) we will be half-way through the treatment. Please pray that the cancer will be eliminated and Beto can continue with his life. 

Much Love,