Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Good Morning,

I just wanted to let everyone know that Beto received his new blood panel yesterday and his white blood cell count has gone down! I do not have the file in front of me to tell you the exact numbers, but this is a sign that the first chemo treatment was helpful! I am so excited to share this news! Thank you all, as this is a testament to all your donations and prayers! I have taken some wonderful photos and will post them tomorrow or this evening. We are having a wonderful visit and it will be very difficult to leave, but I must say that I am pleasantly surprised to see that Beto looks as good as he does. It is strange for us to see him move slowly with a cain, but he is doing so well. We just have to make sure he does not overdue it :) No climbing mountains right now :) Again, thank you all for your letters. He loved reading them and continues to look through them daily. They are very encouraging! More to come...

Much Love,


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