Friday, August 7, 2009


Good Morning!

Beto completed his first day of chemo yesterday and is feeling really well! He and my mother both agreed that the anticipation was the worst and once they arrived at the "blood bank", everyone was very kind and the facility was extremely comfortable.  They completed 5 hours yesterday and are doing 5 hours today. The doctor said that it is not uncommon for patients to still feel "good" after the first 2 doses, but if you can keep that going after the 3rd, that is a good sign. Let's hope for that!! I was so glad to hear that they had a rather pleasant experience yesterday. They could not say enough good things about the staff and facility itself. What a blessing!!!!!! 

Beto will stop and meet with Dr. Malo, I know, what a name for a doctor, and get an X-ray today of his back to make sure that it is healing correctly from the surgery and then go to chemo. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this possible. You are all amazing and should know that each and every one of you are my HERO! 

More to come...

Much Love,


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